Quality Assurance

Quality management is our priority and an essential aspect of ensuring the high standard of cleanliness that CBS is recognized for. Our team will provide regular inspections of all worksites by regional supervisors who will take suitable and timely corrective measures if any drawbacks should occur. CBS will always seek feedback from all of our clients to ensure that customer requirements are understood and fulfilled successfully.

The CBS team consists only of highly trained professionals. All potential employee credentials are assessed through an extensive hiring and maintenance training process designed to ensure that only qualified applicants become part of the CBS team. Applicants are hired and placed in a worksite only after undergoing a thorough interview and evaluation process, as well as a substantive CBS maintenance training program that will assure that each and every employee holds the outstanding skill-set that is required.

Continuous Improvement

CBS will go through great lengths to ensure the best quality of maintenance is provided to each of our customers. Maintenance performance will be evaluated daily and necessary changes will be made. Weekly managerial meetings will take place to analyze our team's work and results, making sure that outstanding quality and performance is being delivered to our customers.

CBS guarantees improved efficiency, optimal quality and satisfaction of customer requirements every time. With CBS you will have direct contact with our management to ensure that we are meeting your desired results. Every step and procedure will be followed with precision and this will, in turn, add value to your space on account of the results that CBS provides.


Our thorough insurance coverage provides our customers with the peace of mind that is sought out when choosing a maintenance team. With a team that expands from Canada to the U.S., CBS will take care of all of your maintenance requirements.

From facilities maintenance to project management, choose CBS!