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  • Peter Salonikidis


    Peter started in 1991 as a supervisor and has been CBS’s president since 2005. He has been instrumental in growing our U.S. operations through strategic acquisitions between 1999 and 2003. He is a hands-on results-oriented leader who looks to technology to improve efficiency and increase employee productivity.

  • George Salonikidis

    Executive Vice President of Sales and Finance

    George started in 1993 as a sales representative and rose to executive VP in 2006. George was also involved in the U.S. acquisitions back in 1999, 2001 and 2003. George is known for his people-driven personality and travels extensively to meet and listen to our clients.

  • Kirk Salonikidis

    Vice President of Operations

    Kirk joined the company as supervisor in 1997 and since 2007, oversees all Canadian operations and sales. Known for his personable nature and forward-driven outlook, he has successfully expanded the business’s presence across Quebec and into Ontario and various U.S. states.

  • Chris Ladas

    Corporate Controller

    Chris joined CBS in 2008 and has been an integral part of all aspects in finance and administration at CBS. He has been a key leader within the organization and is very active in key decisions within CBS.

  • Cathy Platanitis

    Human Resources and Administration Manager

    Cathy has been with CBS with over 30 years. Known for her hard work and people-oriented personality, she brings a positive energy to the daily operations.

  • Gerry Papayanatos

    Operations Manager

    Gerry started as a supervisor in 2012. His hard work and kind character has been indispensable to CBS’s customers and business.

  • Anegla Knight

    General Manager of U.S. Operations

    Angela joined CBS in 2005 and oversees all U.S. operations. She always brings innovative ideas for continuous improvement.


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